My job is to go hunting by any means for haunted and paranormal items. In the course of 20 years I have met with celebrities who buy these items and I seen some outrageous things! I think one of the most unusual was the grave baby of which I have one of only two surviving. The grave baby is a child that died and then was covered in wax after shaving off the hair. The hair is placed back on the wax body and then placed in a glass coffin. I go all over to find the most unique items from illuminati inspired to items coming from the underground. These are just a few of my favorites.

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Illuminati immortality watch made with real bone and Garnet eyes

The fire of Lucifer. This holds matches that when you strike them are said to grant wishes of any kind

Second view of the Fire of Lucifer

Antique miracle weaver. This is said to weave miracles of any nature

This is the rarest of rare. This is called the Bishops ring and has a verified history that is so dark I doubt that I could print it here. The ring holds a hidden ring of a wolf stalking. Queen Elizabeth wanted this ring for the center stone

The eyes of a witch. This one is said to cast seduction on whomever looks at it when you are wearing it

This one is newer but it has a very strange energy

This one is so graphic I couldn’t show the back of it. This is said to hold a supernatural magic

On the hunt and bought! A real body in a coffee table

Just another view and another to my collection

The box of miracles

Inside of the box of Miracles

And the close up

Very old but very unique. This is a memorial ring of a young card reader. This is a Gypsy woman and when you wear it she guides you in your destiny and future

This is a medicine spoon and was used to treat Queen Elizabeth by Dr. Brodner who I believe has now been knighted

Top view of the spoon

Mourning ring of a baby

A conjuring ring with a snake around the supernatural stone

This is said to be a female Djin

Love, love, love this one! This is painted in mostly blood. You would be surprised to guess who this is. This pin is so old and one of a kind as are most of the things collected

Masonic ring with the skull opening

Top view

Very old Masonic watch with lots of esoteric symbolism. This is said to move time, literally

Oskie Rotted Spots. He is the mascot for HauntedCuriosities