I have LOVED amusement parks since as far back as I can remember, some of my happiest days in life were spent in them.

I buy a season pass to King’s Island, our local amusement park in Cincinnati, every year and I of course buy my fiancée one as well and drag him with me every chance that I get.

Rick proposed in April and we have been stressing wedding ideas and locations since then. We were standing in line for The Beast one day, it’s the world’s longest rollercoaster, I jokingly told him that we should just get married on it. He latched on to the idea and could not let it go, he’d bring it up every so often going on about ways that we could pull it off.

3 weeks ago, his sister mentioned that her birthday was going to fall on a Friday the 13th that happened to be in October and it would be a perfect day for us to get married. I decided then and there to plan a flash wedding on the first roller-coaster that I ever rode with next to no time to prepare.

We tailgated in the parking lot beforehand with soda and hamburgers and hot dogs and all the fixings, kind of a reverse-order reception. We then hit up King’s Island Halloween Haunt as the wackiest wedding party that I’ve ever seen. We were able to get an entire train to ourselves and they announced us over the P.A. system for the ride and told wedding jokes and congratulated us, everyone in line was cheering us on. We said our vows on the first incline and our first kiss was right before the picture at the bottom of the hill.

We couldn’t have planned a better wedding for ourselves. It was nothing short of the most magical night of my life.

Our decorations were gifts that were given to us at my bridal shower

Our cake was a giant cupcake made by my best friend with kissing salt and pepper shakers as cake toppers

Officially a family. My daughter, Azura, LOVES her new step-dad

The entrance of King’s Island Halloween Haunt

The photo ops at the park were AMAZING. Ryan Ragle with Shuttermonkey Imaging was worth his weight in gold

Standing in line for The Beast. This is when it finally hit me that I was about to get on a roller-coaster and be married by the time I got off of it

Our friends and family took up the entire train with us, best wedding party ever

Our friends and family took up the entire train with us, best wedding party ever. This was right before the train took off and we exchanged our vows on the first incline

I ripped out the last chapter of R.L. Stine’s The Beast book and made a flower out of it for my wedding bouquet

I used the rest of R.L. Stine’s The Beast as my guest book for the wedding.

I used the rest of R.L. Stine’s The Beast as my guest book for the wedding

I used R.L. Stine’s The Beast as my guest book – sans the last chapter that I used to make a flower for my bouquet

I felt like a minor celebrity as park goers and cast members realized we were a wedding party and wanted to stop and take pictures with us

It was one of the best nights of my life with one of my favorite people in life. Best wedding EVER!