9 months ago two Dutch musicians under their artist name Ducked Ape were told by their record label to record an album, and to do it fast. Instead of doing just that, they spent the first 2 months writing an adventure story about a boy and his elephant friend. The result is hauntingly beautiful.

‘Follow’ is the name of their album and the story that accompanies it. The story is about a boy growing up and going on an adventure with his elephant friend. An amazing tale that had me read it from start till end, and left me haunted for 3 days. These musicians wrote 10 songs specifically for the 10 chapters that are in this story and asked a French graphic artist to create art pieces for each chapter. I caught myself completely fall in love with the music, the art and this story – especially the end is so poetic!

More info: duckedape.com

Play the music while you scroll down: www.bit.ly/follow-albummix