I found this location 3 years ago in the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. Literally it wasn’t an abandoned city but a building site which was supposed to be a new luxury quarter of Budapest. The building process was started in 2007 and it was a big plan, new offices, apartments, malls, hospital, helicopter pond, etc. But due the big financial crisis (2008–2012) the banks stopped supporting the project in 2010 and the whole project was terminated. They built approximately the one-sixth part of the original plan and just the concrete skeletons of the buildings was erected, nothing else.

It was a photographer’s dream location, because it was intact and clean, quite unearthly and post-apocalyptic. You needed to get permission from the owner company to get in, because it was guarded – but also because of this the place was free from anybody, when you walked inside the buildings you just felt you were the last man on Planet Earth. Sometimes the echoes of your footsteps creates the feeling that someone’s following you. After rainy days the whole area was covered with 2-3 cm deep water, the reflections were perfect and made the location even more unreal.

This unreal city is not abandoned anymore, because last year a construction company got the ownership and re-started the building process there.

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