A couple of years ago, I was told you can’t make money by creating figurines out of polymer clay. This is not a real job, you are not a child anymore, stick to your full time job, you know this is the best for you. The same environment, the same people, comfort zone,…. and I did, I did listen to all who thought they knew me better, better that I knew myself.

It took me so long to realize that success in life doesn’t measure in money you earn or how many employees will work for you, if the job you have, doesn’t satisfied you. To do what is your passion, to go to bed with the smile on your face, to be satisfied with yourself and your work, that is success.

And I found my passion, my reason to see the world even more beautiful, than it already is. I think that you don’t have to take every job offered to you, you have an option, I have an option, we actually all have an option, if we only see more closely.

Creating with polymer clay gave me exactly what I needed in the certain time of my life. It gave me patience, enthusiasm, a lot of joy and inner satisfaction.

At first I created miniature figurines for my friends and family and only 2 years ago I decided to make keepsake figurines for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and some other occasions and show it online. If you would know the feeling I get while creating with polymer clay you would probably start looking for your passion immediately. :)

I’m receiving so much positive feedback, pictures from birthday parties and weddings from my costumers. I get pictures of happy babies and kids receiving my figurines. And I feel happy, because I know I spread happiness, joy and a little bit children’s playfulness among the people as well.

Yes, this is success, this is my success.

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Wedding cake topper

…another keepsake wedding cake topper

Graduation penguin figurine

Personalized birthday cake topper

Sloth wedding cake topper

Personalized figurines