I am a vector graphics artist – I draw vectors and then make graphic design illustrations out of them. It all started when I once saw optical illusions made by Akioshi Kitaoka and I was really impressed. I saw tremendous potential in his drawing technique. I wanted to expand this style and find a use for it. I created about three hundred new optical illusions and found a practical use for it – packaging design and seamless textures.

People say that not everyone can see the movement in these pictures. According to some psychologists, this depends on the mental state of the viewer, on the level of his tiredness or stress. I am more inclined to believe that the movement in these pictures depends on the quality of the peripheral vision. Also, some people tell me that they only see the movement if they are wearing glasses.

I was not sure which pictures should I show you.  It was very difficult to choose a few pieces from three hundred. Therefore, I chose the most popular.

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Ball and hole

Seamless Pattern

Sphere up


Balls in the tube



Fancy shapes

Fancy shapes #2


Hyperboloid #2



Planet of hearts



Tornado #2


Frames and stars


Packaging design

Frames on background