It’s very difficult to ‘label’ my work. Just to make a basic definition I use graphics and illustration with fine art’s conceptual elements. Many of my works consist of designed, drawn, formed and conceptualised images. I usually make drawings and collages on animals, such as geese, fish, insects, are drawn in a clinical and detailed manner. I love to work on details that are, carefully selected and placed on my work, and their combinations within unity and harmony. Each image has an anatomically scientific and academic textbook feel; a feel where they could almost have been drawn and created a hundred years ago. However, each piece has a contemporary edgy and almost futuristic quirky twist.

Lately, I have been working on a new series called Broken. This project includes reflections of deformation constructed on portraits of animals selected on the basis of certain reasons. You can see different ideas on deformation cases, application of those ideas, progress and development besides the improvement in the technical sense on my studies from the beginning to nowadays.

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150cm/122,5cm, pencil & graphite on paper ’15, “Untitled”


150cm/65cm, pencil & graphite on paper ’15, “Untitled”



98cm/44cm, pencil & graphite on paper ’15, “Untitled”


70cm/50cm, pencil & graphite on paper ’14, “Untitled”

49,5cm/32cm, pencil & graphite on paper ’14, “Untitled”


Detail – 2

100cm/65cm, pencil & graphite on paper ’15, “Untitled”

W.i.p. – 1

W.i.p. – 2