My name is Linden Robinson. I’m an Australian whose dream is to sketch/paint/photograph Beautiful landscapes and people around the world, and these drawings are, you could say, practices, since I have no money and I’m too young to go overseas alone.

I sing and play the guitar for a year ten funk/jazz/rock band as a hobby (and hopeful future source of income) and hope to sell my art. If you want more, I’ll give you more. Please comment, feedback is welcome. Peace.


Started with a pen, went over it with charcoal, went over that with watercolours. I had no idea what the heck I was doing, but it turned out okay.

David Bowie

Pencil and charcoal. Started it early last year, forgot about it because i couldn’t finish it, found it the other day and resolved it in 5 minutes. The line you see down the middle of it is where I glued another piece of paper on after I couldn’t get the mouth right.

The Fonz

Drawn with a badass pink pen I found under a desk at school, The frame I cut out of an old folder with a blunt pair of scissors.

The Himalayas

Decided to draw the Himalayas one day, (Man i’d love to go there), took me a year of on-and-off drawing until I finally finished it with the charcoal mist. Another drawing where I’ve glued a piece of paper over it, this time because my young niece drew all over it with a pen.

Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin

Drawn for an art assignment last year. Went ballistic with a continuous line pencil, then smeared charcoal all over it. It says ‘Fernando’ at the bottom because someone remarked how he looks like his name should be Fernando.

A friend of mine

Caught him sitting with a rolled-up tissue in his mouth, drew him in pen and replaced it with a cigarette. now he looks like some kinda mob boss. He now hangs in the art block of my school, giving everyone this doubtful gaze.

Another friend

Drawn in pen, He often sits in the sun with a pair of headphones on during lunch, oblivious to everything around him (Including the bell).

Fairy Wren

Brown pencil, blue and black pen. Drawn on a letter to my now ex-girlfriend.

Cow skull

Drawn for an art assignment, in pencil.

More bones

Drawn for the same assignment as above. Had the idea for the dripping black stuff while I was falling asleep one night, during that period where your brain just WON’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE REAL MEANING OF LIFE, AND HOW CATS WOULD WEAR PANTS IF CATS WORE PANTS. Got up and finished it in my underwear, like a boss.