I am an Illustrator that is interested in fashion, psychology, macabre and distorting human anatomy. I enjoy creating new characters with a dark twist to them and combining bright colors with macabre themes. Semblance is a personal project created around a story of a mad scientist/artist called ‘The Mistress’ and her love for creating ‘living art’. She distorts human bodies sowing body parts together, enlarging them or combining with animals or plants.

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The Mistress

The Artist behind the Monstrous creations. She decided to get herself an extra pair of limbs for better productivity

The Teeth Lady

The Mistress was once really into teeth

The Snatcher

A loyal servant created to kidnap ‘Art Supplies’ for The Mistress.

The Butler

Doesn’t talk much and always makes a great cup of tea!

Tree 01

One of the human trees

Tree 02

Tree 03

The Butcher

The assigned supervisor and guard. She likes to sow heads of her enemies and carry them around with her.

The protagonist

Once Mistress’ beloved creation, she managed to escape and now seeks vengeance.

The protagonist 02