I draw comics about life around me. I usually look at various worldly things such as games so I try to express my thoughts using game-related concepts.

I am NOT an artist or a designer, which you can guess from my art style, I am a software engineer by profession but I find that its really easy for me to express my thoughts through visuals and art. So, I decided to start a series of comics where I talk about life.

Since I am not an artist or designer, I didn’t know anything about designing communities. I have been looking at various different platforms to put out my work and I heard about Bored Panda (actually I found about bored panda from @System32comics on Instagram). So, I decided to make an account and share my work here.

If anyone feels like my comics are worthy of a laugh then feel free to give a like on Instagram and follow me there! It would definitely motivate me towards making more comics :)

More info: Instagram