My name is Andra Mihai and I’m an artist in the automotive industry. Ever since I was young I loved to draw. I inherited this gift from my father. My passion for cars started early in my life when dad let me drive his beat up car. Little did I know that at 18 I will start a collaboration with a car garage and from there on never stop dreaming about cars. Even though I tried countless times to work in a corporation or have a normal job suitable for a girl, I could never stop my hand from drawing cars in my spare time. In the end I quit my job and I promised myself to give it a try and be who I really want to be. And for my art to reach the far ends of the world. Ever since, I draw every day, trying to surpass the previous drawing. It’s a never ending battle of making my cars better and also trying to be better myself. I enjoy every moment when I work and pour a part of my soul in everything I create.

I use Trash Polka style from tattoos and I want everyone that looks at my art to use their imagination and to come up in their minds with a story; a story based on the elements I draw around the car. But each story would be different, because people don’t see the same way. It’s more fun than looking at a blank background. Enjoy :)

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Every car has a story, as well as the man behind the wheel

69′ Dodge Charger


Chevrolet Chevelle SS – Old school is the best school

BMW E9 ~ A diamond of the automobile history

Ferrari ~ Bondage

Lamborghini Countach

Opel Kadett GT/E


Mustang ~ Kidnapped in 60 seconds