I quit my job a year ago and started to pursue my artistic career by creating a Facebook page and YouTube channel for my drawings.

Ever since then, I’ve been successful in receiving regular commissioned pieces and selling prints!

I started off doing graphite pencil sketches of customers’ pets and family members, then I discovered Prismacolor Pencils through artists on Instagram.

Now, I draw anything and everything, ranging from pet portraits, anime characters and gaming loot!

I love drawing a variety of things, as I am inspired and interested in so much, so I don’t want to restrict myself to drawing one type of subject. Why not everything?

I feel like I am able to strengthen my talent in all areas.

I strictly use Prismacolor Premier pencils and a range of sketchbooks, such as Greytoned Strathmore Paper which is my current favourite.

Being encouraged by my friends, family and my following on Social Media, I have been motivated to keep practicing and to push my skills further.

I am now doing a degree in 3D Modelling for Games and Media, as I am aspiring to become a concept artist for games and animation.

More info: Facebook

The Little Mermaid and Pokemon Cross Over

Australian Shepard

Old work before Prismacolor Pencils

Drawing Link – Breath of the Wild

Drawing Maisie Dog

Drawing The Hawkmoon