Do you remember my story when I did a portrait from the old accordions? When I posted that on FB, I was asked for a bigger challenge – to make a portrait from a real piano.

After an hour I got a piano from one of my FB friends! The piano was really old and the sound was more than terrible. How did we take a piano apart? At first, we thought to do that in a normal way, with special tools, but why not to make fun of that?!

We took some tools like axes, hammers and saws, and invited a pianist to play one last song with that piano. During the pianist’s play, we took a piano apart. After five minutes it was impossible to play, because piano fell down. It was a little bit sad, because the song was so short. After that ceremony, I made a portrait of Beethoven. I used almost all the piano parts for this portrait.

More info: | Facebook

The final artwork

The piano

Just playing with piano parts

Still taking the piano apart

Have no idea what we just did

Doing the installation

Extreme photographing