I crochet, and design crochet patterns. Last year was a rough year for my family. My 90 year old Aunt Rose died a month after my 50 year old cousin Jacquie, and it was really tough. I crocheted a star blanket for my Aunt when she was in the nursing home, and when she passed, her daughter and granddaughter both wanted it. I told my cousin Rose Mary to keep it, and I made her daughter Dee Dee her own blanket. Making these has been therapeutic for me to process these losses. There are more tears and prayers in the blanket than stitches.

When Jacquie passed away, her daughter was pregnant with Jac’s first grandchild. She had talked to me about making something for the baby, but passed away before we could finalize the plans. I wanted to honor her wishes for something crocheted to the baby, so I made a smaller version of the blanket, and added a crocheted elephant head to make a lovey for sweet Emery Rose, who was born in Dec. Now, this month from her Grandma.

Now, Jacquie’s younger sister was just diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer at the age of 47. She just started her chemo treatments yesterday. I am rapidly finishing up a Starlight Blanket for her to cuddle with during her treatments. I also made one for a dear friend of ours in Virginia, who has since sadly lost his battle with cancer. :-( (RIP mountain man. we miss you Fred)

I use Lion Brand Mandala yarn for these blankets, I love the color changes, and the transitions between them give the blanket a starburst quality to it. I included a Jacob’s Ladder stitch to add some interesting texture to the blanket. I am really happy with this design.

I do take custom orders for these blankets in my Crochet Rox Etsy shop in sizes from loveys for infants to large blankets for your bed. You can order one here at crochetrox.etsy.com

I sell the crochet pattern so that you can crochet your own Star Light JL blanket. For the month of March, all of the proceeds of my pattern sales in my Ravelry shop are being donated to help my cousin during her cancer treatment. She is a single mom, and I just want to help her and her kids. If you would like to purchase a pattern, click on the photo to go to my Ravelry shop. I am having a BOGO sale on all my patterns this month with no limit to how many. Just add at least 2 patterns to your cart, and use the code family. My family thanks you for your support during this trying time.

More info: ravelry.com

For my dear friend Fred Kahler. My he rest in peace.

Also with Genie, I added an elephant applique for a special baby blanket. You can really see how the colors flow differently with the same yarn.

This one was Genie, and was raffled off for a benefit for my cousin Terri.

I made this one for my husband and I with Lion Brand Mandala in the Gnome colorway. I love this blanket so much. The colors are magnificent.

For Dee Dee in Lion Brand Mandala in Wizard after her Grandma Rose died. Dee is a big Grateful Dead fan, and the colors reminded me of tye dye.

Elephant lovey for Emery Rose from her Grandma Jacquie made with Lion Brand Mandala in Unicorn

Elephant lovey for Emery Rose from her Grandma Jacquie made with Lion Brand Mandala in Unicorn.

The one I’m currently making for my cousin Terri, with Lion Brand Mandala in Chimera. I have just started on the 3rd and final skein of yarn, I hope to have it done by the weekend.

Fred’s blanket made with Lion Brand Mandala in the Pegasus colorway. We traveled to Virginia in June of 2017 and give this to him. It was an incredible trip and I’m so glad we got to spend a few days with him before the cancer took him.