As an Industrial designer and artist I always wanted to design a clock, a clock at first may seem as a simple device or a measuring tool, but actually, a clock is an embodiment of our philosophy of life.

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Everything is measured by time, we all struggle with how to manage time and finding the right balance between rest, play and work.

The main inspiration for my Siesta wall clock was mid-century design, a great period of time for modern design.

I wanted my Clock to show the time in a fun and colorful way. The clock is made of three layers of translucent acrylics mounted on a white round movement housing made of wood.

The three colored layers create additional colors when mounted one on top of each other. The clock is 10 inch in diameter and fits in any settings from a kitchen wall to kids rooms and office spaces.

Time for a Siesta :)

More designs at my etsy shop –

Siesta Clock- Orange- close up

Siesta Clock- Orange combination

Siesta Clock- Green combination

Siesta- Pink – Close up

Siesta – Pink Combination