I had been searching the Internet for fun and colorful posters to put on the walls in my kids nursery rooms, and I never found what I was looking for.

That’s when I decided to just make them myself. The stippling technique has fascinated me for a while, but I have never tried it before.

All the pieces are drawn with fine tip markers, using dots, no lines, just dots. The letters are put in with the help of photoshop after. When I decided to do the whole alphabet, there were moments when I didn’t see the light in the tunnel, because this project has felt like it’s lasted for an eternity.

But at last, it’s done, after 2 months of drawing at every chance I’ve gotten. I must say that this project has been a wonderful journey, that has demanded a lot of patience as well as huge excitement when finishing each piece. I hope my art will inspire and find it’s way into homes all over the world.

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Antilopen (Springbok)

Blekspruten (Octopus)

Chinchilla (Chinchilla)

Delfin (Dolfin)

Enhjørning (Unicorn)

Frosk (Frog)

Gresshoppe (Grasshopper)

Hare (Hare)

Isbjørn (Polar Bear)

Jaguar (Jaguar)

Kamelon (Chamelon)

Lundefugl (Puffin)

Marihøne (Ladybug)

Nesehorn (Rhinoceros)

Oter (Otter)

Papegøye (Parrot)

Quetzal (Quetzal)

Rev (Fox)

Sommerfugl (Butterfly)

Tiger (Tiger)

Ugle (Owl)

Vaskebjørn (Raccoon)

Wallaby (Wallaby)

Predator X (Predator X)

Yeti (Yeti)

Sebra (Zebra)

Ærfugl (Eider)

Øyenstikker (Dragonfly)

Åtselgribb (Egytian volture)

The Norwegian Alphabet