I just got my first smartphone and decided to give phone photography a try. I used a bunch of apps (list below) and everything was done on the phone, I also used some lenses I got from a disassembled camcorder for the macro shots. I hope you enjoy.



Camera FV-5:

More info: instagram.com

Pocket Watch I

A macro shot I took of one of my Pocket watches.

Bonsai Figurine

A macro shot of a bonsai figurine I found on a botanic garden.

Pocket Watch II

A macro shot I took of one of my Pocket watches.

Blood Forest

A macro shot of my sisters eye, I thought the veins looked like a forest.

Unbloomed Flowers

Vietnamese Figurine Silhouette

The dof is made with afterfocus.

Portrait I

Portrait II

Portrait III

Portrait IV

Playful Cat

My cat taking a sun bath on my bed.


A macro shot I took of some moss. I love macro photography because you can enter another world.

Dragon Fly

My cat caught the poor guy, so I took some shots.