During three weeks, french and canadian army trained together during a special exercice called « Chevalier Tricolore ».

They made a 1000 kilometers long ride with snowmobiles and experiment survival skills into the nature.

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The canadian HQ near Quebec City

Brieffing before the raid start

Choosing the right equipment to survive by -40°C

Teaching how create a “home” in difficult condition

Using the right equipment to survive

Perception of guns before leaving the base

French soldiers learn how to use canadian gun

Leaving the base

The adventure begin with difficult weather

Soldiers will ride 1000 kilometers across the country

The ride during the night is very intense

Hopefully, the canadian logistic is here to help them

One of the main officer working on the mission

Soldiers make “local friends”

In the mourning, the temperature is very freezing : -30°C

The ride continue in the forest

And also on frozen lake and river

The most difficult is the wind on this frozen lake

At the end of the day, the temperature feels like -45°C according to the main officer here.

Tiredness is also the enemy

Every soldier have to carry his weapon and full equipment all the time

It’s also quite difficult to stay in the right direction in the night

At the end of the day, soldiers can have some rest inside a gym for this night

The day after, they have several activities planned for them

Today, they can try sled dog ride

A first for most of the french soldiers

The main officier of this special mission

Tactical exercice take place also during the raid

French and canadian soldiers can work together

They are brought to work together as part of NATO

“Family” pic

At the sunrise, before leaving the camp

last briefing of the mission

and time to pack material

Near the Saint-Laurent river, soldiers tried another special activity

climbing on ice !

At the end of the day, and of the mission, they can have a warm rest.