I believe in the power of collaboration. There are so many talented people out there, it’s unbelievable. In the town I live in, there’s this local exclusive hat designer VanNuyen, who makes the most beautiful hats you’ve ever seen. She’s a really talented woman, and I really wanted to do a shoot about her hats for a couple of years.

Fast forward to october 2017, we finally sat down and talked about what we wanted to do. She’s also a hairdresser, so we got the hats and hair sorted out. I asked a friend of mine who works at a clothing shop to borrow some outfits we could use, asked my sister-in-law who’s a make-up artist to help out, and finally asked 2 women who live in my town as well to be the model for this shoot. Long story short, everyone said yes, so here’s the result!

I’m truly proud of this collaboration!

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