Wanting to set myself apart from all the other food blogs out there, I decided to combine my love of food and writing with my hobby of 3D digital modeling.Using the open-source program, Blender, I create whimsical images of the food I blog about. Some of the artwork is on the realistic side, while some of it has a more cartoon-y feel to it. I love creating surreal still lifes that show off the food but with a bit of a twist!

More info: foodsbeforedudes.com

winter tabbouleh

my dad’s blueberry muffins

spicy sauteed kale with lemon and pancetta

spiced rosemary caramels

pasta with scallion-macadamia pesto and pumpkin puree

crispy tofu with stir-fried greens and hot-and-sour cabbage

kale smash, honeyed carrot, and hummus sandwich

chunky curried carrot soup

pan-fried gnocchi with brown butter and a strawberry balsamic reduction