I did 30-days-challenge to help me cope with winter depression and anxiety. I made a sketch every day and sometimes it was the only thing that made me get up in the morning.

I used multiple techniques and styles to find and understand which one suits me the best.

Important: I don’t upload this because I think I’m somehow special or even a good artist, but because I know there are people who struggle as I do, and this is my idea how to keep going.

Some of the ideas for the pictures aren’t mine.

Day 1: View

Day 2: Salthill promenade

Day 3: St. Augustine Street

Day 4: Anxiety

Day 5: Duck

Day 6: Arran Quay 9-12

Day 7: Born Trippy

Day 8: Kindergärtnerin

Day 9: Paranoia

Day 10: -mare

Day 11: Grandfather’s photo

Day 12: ~

Day 13: “Hey baby…”

Day 14: Think Green™

Day 15: Under water

Day 16: Worries

Day 17: Piece of art

Day 18: Bunny (not my idea, sadly)

Day 19: Heart

Day 20: How dryads are born

Day 21: Flax

Day 22: Ship it

Day 23: Cosmonaut

Day 24: Regulus (small king – in Czech, ‘small king’ and ‘bunny’ are homonyms)

Day 25: House

Day 26: Dancing hipsters

Day 27: Charity

Day 28: Bird

Day 29: Orphanage

Day 30: Bird I