It all started from a window seat of one flight to London for a family vacation. It is when the plane started descending towards Heathrow Airport & that caught us speechless by the mesmerizing views of the city skyline accompanied with the golden lights peppering the city.

We saw the warm ambient glow emanated from buildings, roads, and streetlights forming the London city.

So we wanted to revisit that magical moment again at 10,000 feet in the air of the breathtaking view of London & created the NiteLanding Lamp™ so we can pause time and stay in the moment forever each time we look at it.

We also want to provide the opportunity for other people to reminisce of the special moments each time they take a look at the NiteLanding Lamp™ & to revisit the memorable time they had spent with their loved ones, family and friends.

NiteLanding Lamp™ is not only a decorative lamp but can also be decorative display during the day giving 2 unique experience to the living and working space.

NiteLanding Lamp™ will be landing very soon on Kick starter. So visit our website or contact us to find out how you can get your hands on this limited period heavily discounted super early bird.

So do not miss out on this special offer before we go live!

More info:

Revisit that moment again

Remember the spectacular view from the plane? Now you can relive that experience once again.

2 unique experiences in 1 city

Decorate your space

The perfect blend of modern art to the comforts of your living space.

Light up your room

Lit and sparkle your area with your most treasured city light moments.

Make your imagination come to life

Let the young one’s imagination and creative play with the city map to unleash their learning potential.

Tell your story

Inspire others with your incredible city stories with your personalized engraved message and make it truly your story!

Each city has its own unique story

Various city maps collection with the same design layout.