In the natural world, each bird is a thing of beauty. But when many birds join together in a murmuration, the effect is otherworldly. Just as birds in a flock can create awe-inspiring cloud like formations, we individual humans can create something that is greater, more powerful and more beautiful together as a community.”

Murmuration, my new site-specific sculpture, has opened at Christ Church Cathedral. The work was created for the cathedral’s 200th anniversary and depicts the phenomenon of murmuration, whereby birds in massive flocks fly in an ever-changing formation, much like a living sculpture.

The sculpture’s official dedication on May 22 featured a special concert in the cathedral. The event was also the premier of composer Patrick Harlin’s work, “Art of Flight.” His compositions are well suited to the setting of Patterson’s work in the 200 year-old cathedral, as The New York Times has said the musician’s “aesthetics capture a sense of tradition and innovation…”

Murmuration is made from steel, copper and brash mesh and consists of over 1,000 individual hand-strung birds and measures 90’ long. Additionally there is a large outdoor mural, entitled As One, measuring 20 by 24 feet. The sculpture exists not only in the cathedral nave, but also in companion birds outside of the building as well as throughout the city. These pieces, placed in outreach programs and community centers act as a metaphor for Christ Church’s longstanding involvement in the city. Furthering these partnerships, I engaged community volunteers to assist with the hanging of the birds during the installation process.

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The making of Murmuration