One day my cat was lounging (as they often do) in the classic “cat loaf” position, and the idea just popped into my head, “my girlfriend would love to bake cat loaves!” So I hopped on Amazon searching for something I was convinced already existed. After searching Amazon, Etsy, and eBay I was shocked that there wasn’t a way to bake 3D cats!

Fast forward almost a full year of prototyping and testing, I finally have a finished product.

The Charlie Cat baking mold is the first cupcake mold that allows you to create 3D cat-shaped baked treats.

My favorite part about this is that no two Charlie Cats are alike. Everyone has their own way of decorating there’s, and it has been great seeing pictures of what people have created together.

This project has also allowed me to help animals in need since I plan to always donate 10% of the profits to local animal rescues.

More info:

The Charlie Cat Baking Mold!

Cat’s love the loaf

About the size of 2 cupcakes.

What they look like fresh out of the oven