I create worlds. I make rain, skyscrapers and nebulas appear on my screen, and I can’t stop. Because after many years of photography (and a lot of other creative adventures) I’ve started pixel sorting. I know, it sounds kind of dull and boring, but it’s actually a bit like magic.

Pixel sorting is originally done with a script in Processing, and in some way, it puts pixels in order. I think it might actually be magic because I haven’t quite been able to figure out how it really works. I’ve tried a few different ways to achieve the effect, but my favourite is a plugin in After Effects, which is what I’m currently using. I discovered the technique in June this year, and honestly I don’t really know how I ever lived without it. Creating in this way makes me feel free and powerful.

It all started with me trying it on my own photographs and absolutely loving the effect. I didn’t understand anything at first, didn’t know how to control it and just experimented for hours. After trying it on a few different pictures I started creating my own abstract images in Photoshop and then sorting them – and here’s where it clicked. Here’s where the worlds started to come alive.

These images became nebulas dripping with colours and emotion, and my love for space, clouds and rain were reborn. This way I get to make it rain colours. This way I get to make stars shoot across the skies forever. This way I get to create worlds.

My name is Jessica Andersdotter – welcome to my worlds.

More info: jessicaandersdotter.se | Facebook | Instagram | society6.com