I’m an illustrator and graphic designer. I make a lot of digital works on a daily basis. But I also love to move away from the monitor and create some hand-painted works.

It’s really interesting when instead of paper sheets, I can use some three-dimensional product as my “canvas”. Just like this huge plant pot, that I created for the local theatre. The pot stands in front of the theatre building and people can see it while walking on the street.

One day, when I came back home from drawing session, I was greeted by my dear furry assistant, Richard The Cat, and the view of my little collection of succulents. Then I realized – that’s it! I want to find the connection between my beloved friends and my work (which is actually also my passion). That’s how I made this series “Cats’n’plants”. Each of these pots is unique, and each of them has a partially painted surface to let your plants breathe.

In this series, there are also hand-painted bicycle bells for cat & plant lovers but I guess I’ll show them in the next post. Or, if you don’t want to wait, you can check my Etsy shop.

How’s your life with plants and cats? Do plants have a chance to survive in the company of your cats? And what’s your favorite succulent? I would love to know your experiences, so please share them in comments!

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The very beginning – the giant pot for the local theatre

My dear cat Richard and my succulents inspire me everyday

Working process

And the result!

It’s all about my imagination… and sky is the limit

Posters will also appear in this series soon!