My name is Sirajudeen Kamal Batcha, I’m from Malaysia. I’m an independent artist creating a stir with three-dimensional sculptures made out of pencil lead or known as “ Pencil Graphite Sculptures ”.

“ Pencil Graphite Sculptures ” is artwork are made from various type of pencil lead to creating a tiny sculpture. I cut various pencils in half and pull out the graphite from them to make the amazing type of sculpture

Using a knife and a tiny chisel I carved the surface of the graphites. After I finished carving, I stuck them together one by one with extreme caution and glue it. To create such sculptures we must have lots of passion and be very careful when working with the black lead of the pencil, as the smallest lack of attention can lead to cracking.

Each of artwork took me 2 hours to 212 hours to create the complete the task. Many of my artwork are been collected by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! In Orlando, Florida

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Penang Seascape

Floating Mosque Penang Port

Komtar Tower with The Dome

Kapitan Keling Mosque Tower

Petronas Twin Tower

Jubilee Tower Clock

The Wakaf

Elektrik Tram Vintage

Star Wars Battleship Series

Humvee Series

School Table & Chair

Badminton Racket


Sampan @ Boat