Hello, My name is Emilie, I am a french independant Illustrator. I like drawing of course, but I like taking pictures too. I photograph my dolls, I collect those things. I like cooking and baking too. My favorite pâtisseries are the lemon pie, the Paris-Brest and the Fraisier. Yummy :D

I am now a student, in order to become a social worker.

But, as I said one of my hobbies is to collect dolls, and miniature things for dollhouses. It is quite an obsession. I just love how I can create my own little cute world.

I started this passion few years ago, when I was just dreaming about having my own Ball Jointed Doll. These dolls are very expensive. So for a long time, I was afraid to own one. And one day I bought my first own Pullip, and that was the beginning of the real things !

Collectors will understand me. Once you have one, you need to have the others. Month by month, my passion was growing. First I tried to make miniature clothes, but that was not MY thing. One year ago I decided to dash into the creation of miniature food with self-hardening clay. I use also Fimo clay, and some other ones. But I really prefer the self-hardening one.

I wanted to make this post to share my passion, and hope you will enjoy my work.


More info: cerridwendrawings.wordpress.com

miniature ice cream earrings

miniature food bread

miniature food yogurt with biscuit and fruit

miniature foods apple pie

miniature food cheese and bread

miniature food ice creams and yogurt

miniature food cakes and pies

Miniature food hamburger with fries

Miniature food hamburger with fries