A long time ago people created their own fabric from homespun thread. They could make it from plants like flax or hemp grown in the fields. All their clothes where made from this material.

They used a lot of embroidery techniques to make the fabric beautiful. One special technique that I discovered in my home region in Romania (Ardeal) when I was little. It consists in cutting small holes into the fabric then she sew around each hole. They are all perfectly symmetric. Those holes are 5 mm x 5 mm.

It required a lot of technique and patience. Usually women sew when they where out in the field tending the cows or in the cold winter evenings, sitting next to the fire. The light was poor in the evening.

I wanted to learn this technique. I have learn other techniques of embroidery, but this one really fascinated me because it is so beautiful. This is why but I recreate it using paper cutting technique.

I use paper and light to bring up how delicate the embroidery is, movement to show the fabric softness, wood because is warm.

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