I am a 55 year old freelance artist, illustrator, cartoonist and writer from Malta. I work exclusively with technical pens in sizes from 0.13 to 0.35mm and I use a hatching technique to build up my images.

The tiny point sizes mean my images take some time to complete – anything from five to twelve days in fact. My drawings often take the form of story telling. I work mostly from imagination, doodles and sketches. Couples and relationships is a recurring theme but broadly I also treat the human condition in general.

I update my FB page daily should you wish to follow that.

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“Heavy Heart” – A recent whimsical work. It’s what the world needs now isn’t it?

“I know you still love me” – A fanciful piece…

“Read to Me, She said” – How people can become lonely in a relationship…

“Our Lady of Aleppo” – My small tribute to the long suffering people of Syria and other war-torn places.

“Private Viewing” – An intentionally awkward piece. Read of it what you will.

“Fidei Defensores” – The defenders of the Faith.

“Happy Hour” – Rather self-explanatory this…

“Behemoths” – Construction workers and the faceless monsters they are made to build.