My name is Yana Khachikyan, and I love painting miniatures. I paint miniatures on various kinds of surfaces and canvases, but stone painting is my real passion. I have a collection of stones from all over the world – I collect them when I am travelling, and also my friends bring me stones from their trips. I have all sorts of stones – sea stones, river stones, lake stones. They differ in shape, size and color, and this is the most exciting part, because no matter how similar some stones may look – they are actually unique. And it makes every painting even more special.

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Forest Path

Fairy Panda

Speed Painting (Robin, bird)

Speed Painting (Winter Bird)

Collection of my stone paintings

Blue Jay


Bird Singing

Sparrow Skating

Blue Fish

Yellow Fish



Boxer Dog


Collection of Dogs

Blue Bird

Fairy World

Baby Deer

Forest Landscape