I feel like there aren’t many options for guys, when it comes to earrings. The studs you can usually get are just boring and when you finally find something cool, it’s a drop earring, so I decided to create my own stud earrings.

Two weeks ago I got some air-drying modelling clay and got to work. I’ve never really had any prior expirience with clay or modelling, but I had a vision (add “It’s something” meme here) and I do think that they came out really nice. I really enjoy playing with the little details on the earings and I usually spend about eight hours on one earring.

I’ve created fourteen earrings so far and I kind of got ahead of myself, because I’m creating them quicker then I’m able to wear them, which got me think that I should probably get my other ear pierced.

Now I’m just babbling and should probably stop… Right about now… I can’t stop… Somebody send help… Nah, just kidding.

Anyway, enjoy the earrings!

The last earring I made. I really enjoyed creating little details on this guy

I wanted to try fake tunnel earring. I think I’ve succeeded with Lady Rainicorn, even though it might be a wee bit too big

Just a cute duckling in a bathtub. Maybe I should’ve added a bathing cap for the duckling

First earring I made. I really wanted a creepy looking eye growing out of my ear

I got the idea for this earring when I was half asleep. I feel like it’s on the edge of creepy and cute and I’m all about that edge

I really got into those cups

Toilet alligators will rule the world!

Earception… It’s needed to be said

I am not the tooth fairy, please don’t send me letters