In my spare time I create ceramic sculptures inspired by typical elements of Sardinian culture and a fantasy architecture. Many features characterize this port city: saltiness, fish, noise of shipowner’s workshop… Narrow alleys and the main square where anything can be sold, stairways conducing to a cathedral above the cliff, statues that decorate streets and mysterious caves…

The colors are the result of mixing different types of natural Sardinian clay highlighted by crackled glaze on the domes. Local culture is recalled by various figures such as Mother Goddess, Mamuthones mask, nuragic boat relief, a typical lapwing, seal, domes, workshops and architectural motives, each street and window has a piece of memory.

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Main square


Lateral view with coastal caves

Domes and tile roofs from above

Neolithic menhir with prehistoric bull’s head

Nuragic warrior with cork oak

A narrow passage with typical door relief

Nuragic boat at the port

Mamuthones-inspired mask

Internal illumination and shipowner’s workshop

Crakled dome with bird detail

Raw sculpture with Sardinian lapwing

Let’s take a walk around the village

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