The Mettas are a set of characters created from faces found in everyday objects (known as pareidolia) by Mark Baker on his travels around the world in 2015. Below you can see which pareidolia faces inspired which Metta character.

Mark is writing a book about each character and is looking for a literary agent and publisher (

So if you think you can help please do let him know.

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Scoot – Inspiration

Scoot was discovered on the front of a parked moped in Vietnam.


Superpower: Listening
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Moppy – Inspiration

Moppy was first spotted leaning against the wall in Boracay, Philippines.


Superpower: Learning
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Ina – Inspiration

Ina was discovered on the side of a wheelie bin in Boston, Lincolnshire in the UK.


Superpower: Breathing
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Lens – Inspiration

Lens was discovered on the front of the washing machine in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK.


Superpower: Positivity
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Gee – Inspiration

Gee was discovered in the bathroom in Boston, UK.


Superpower: Concentrating
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Tig – Inspiration

Tig was discovered hiding as a notebook in Peterborough, UK.


Superpower: Memory
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Servi – Inspiration

Servi was found on a napkin dispenser at breakfast in a hostel in Vancouver, Canada.


Superpower: Helping
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Glow – Inspiration

Glow was found lighting the way along the Cheong-gye-cheon stream in Seoul, South Korea.


Superpower: Loving
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Beam – Inspiration

Beam was discovered on the wall whilst watching the TV in a hostel in Vancouver, Canada.


Superpower: Mindfulness
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Shift Inspiration

Shift was found whilst locking a door in Vancouver, Canada.


Superpower: Fairness
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Spin – Inspiration

Spin was found in the shower in Toronto, Canada.


Superpower: Kindness
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Chip – Inspiration

Chip was spotted on the USB charger for a Sony Z3.


Superpower: Techonology
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