Making my first jewelry piece, I never thought someone would really like it, but I was wrong. Today, a year and a half later, many people ask me how I manage to create my jewelry pieces out of trash. Some of them don’t believe me when I tell them that many of my creations are made of things other people throw away. In this post, I will try to show you how one of my pieces is made.

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Here’s what we need to do to create this pendant:

In order to create a beautiful piece, we will need a working surface, the tools we’re going to work with and the materials we’re going to use

In this case, I used some old wires, a small piece of a copper tube taken out of an old refrigerator and some old pendant with an opal gemstone

The copper tube is cut

And then flattened

Then I take the isolation off the copper wires

After that, comes the hardest part: creating a unique design. Once the slightest idea comes to my mind, I draw it quickly in my sketchbook and then on the copper plate I created

Then, I cut the shape out and use the copper wires and the opal gemstone in the design

Then again I think it all over. How do I make this piece look beautiful and one of a kind? The answer will come. It always does

No need to shout out Eureka!

What’s left is to attach all the parts, weld them, adjust them, polish them and that’s it!

Don’t forget to take a photo of what you made :)

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