After a few [long] months, my boyfriend and I got back together. Out of inspiration and happiness, I tried creating some art for him and I. Meet Harren (his) and Cole (mine).

Please comment what you think! It’s greatly appreciated :)

The Most Wonderful Thing About Sweden is You

Forgetting Our Past Troubles and Moving Forward

Cole’s New Reference Sheet

Looking forward to the future

It Was Incredible the First Time But…

Sweet Nuzzlings

Warming Cuddles in Cold Winters

I’m Probably More Clingy But Yes

Green Candies are Magic


A Little Too Deep, Literally

I’m Always Yawning When We Call Each Other

Accurate Mornings

I’m 4’10, He’s 6’1… Inaccurate

Height Accuracy

Exchanging Glances uwu

Idek What to Put Here, Pretty Bad Drawn Cuddle