So one day I was working with picture which had both colored and black/white parts, also I’ve seen pictures where people are holding an old photo and then taking another standing in the same place so I decided why not to try something new to me.

I’ve chosen the city that I live in, Vilnius (Lithuania). Then there were few days where I was just watching old photos trying to think what could look different if I combined it with new one, so out of about 2000 photos that I’ve found only about 30 got into next stage.

Then I started making new photos myself, early mornings while everyone sleeping, then evenings to get good position of the sun, finding that new building exists which ruins everything or tree leaves blocks view wasn’t the best feeling.

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A swing of fate

Time travelers shopping while city sleeps

Old castle tower (1906)

Nemunas in Vilnius

Public transport (~1930)