For rituals, ceremonies or special occasions, I make “objects” made of wood, stone and other materials, for example, to focus attention, to direct the intention or to remember something. This can be a talking stick, a figure, a specially carved bowl.

More info:

“Death in the plum tree”, fairy tale

A little snake prince nestling perfectly in your shoulder as if he had grown for that

spiral snake

Moon woman with bird spirit

Muckstenze. The woods grow in this form, are only debarked and ground

Little snake king

Donkey rattle with a man’s head as a handle

Applewood female figure, femininity symbol, fertility

Bullroarers / Buzzing wood. Turning quickly through the air on a string, they produce a rhythmically humming noise

Wind horse, wood of an ancient beech

Snake rattle with spiral handle

Ancestor ship with removable figures, yew wood

Muckstenze, they are grown this way

Force rod, raven feet, wolf skin and oak

Deadwood sculpture of a millennial oak with a carved spiral

Drumsticker: Warrior and Horsehead, both decorated with mane hair

Drumstick from Muckstenzen

Small beeches dragon, soul wood

Talking rod: the easy and the winding way


Force rod: raven feet, wolf skin, oak and a small wolf bone