Cranes, especially rare cranes, are a fascinating subject for bird photography. There are only a few pictures of these endangered Siberian Cranes in the wild in Mongolia because they’re that rare. Siberian Crane is one of the most threatened of the 15 cranes species left on Earth. I captured images of the extraordinary life of Siberian Crane and shared with you some fascinating moments of those cranes that we cannot clearly see with the naked eye.

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Noisy life of Siberian cranes at the wetland

The male is most active in defending the territory by fighting with strangers.

The aggressive moment

Cranes establish breeding and feeding territories, which they defend aggressively against intruders.

The wild moment

The air fighters

The tragic battle

Intruders are warned off with a loud trumpeting

Cranes are famous for their songs and dances that accompany their mating rituals. But when they’re warning someone, they make a very strange noise.

Somewhere at the wetland Peacefulness also exists