As a Lebanese-American photographer living in Washington, D.C., I have been fortunate to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness that our Nation’s Capital offers.

I always wanted to capture this charming city, its landmarks, street life, and seasons, in a different and unique way. And so it was, on a cold snowy day in January, as I was walking around the city snapping pictures of the snow in the streets of D.C. with my iPhone, I passed by a bike covered with snow (see first picture below) and immediately thought of capturing the snow scene through the bike’s wheel, offering a new and different way of capturing the essence of this city.

Since then, I have used my city through the wheel concept to capture our Nation’s Capital in its different colors, landmarks, and seasons, through something so symbolic of city life: the bike!

D.C. in the snow with street lights bringing it to life

Dupont Circle

The Lincoln Memorial

D.C.’s colorful touch even in the rain

The World War II Memorial

D.C.’s Spring feel