A couple of months ago I lost my lovely cat Ciri due to incurable sickness FIP. After some devastating time of grief and sorrow, I realised that the last days of helping my Cat to survive showed me that every life is worth of saving and fighting for.

Now I find my peace in helping shelter cats (Chojnice, Poland) to survive by getting adopted.

The yawn of wild

Round ball of fur

Bold and beautiful

Have you just called me a “Puma”?


Beautiful eyes

Deep thoughts

Half calm, half tensed

Lots of sadness

Still beautiful

Peaceful loneliness

Lovely eyes


Peacefully waiting

Ginger pride

Hatered in mind


But she’s not the only one

Lasting for freedom

Her soul is speaking

He’s not going to explain anything

Let me look into your soul

And my favourite: war between ears

Thank you Ciri for showing me what’s the best in you