I don’t know what it is about tiny things, but I just can’t get enough of them. I decided to combine my love for miniature with my love of animals and good stories, and you can see the mashup below. Everything is handmade from polymer clay, and I’m constantly challenging myself to add more detail and textures in my tiny sculptures.

There are a few limitations to working in miniature scale, and when I wanted to develop a few new characters, I decided to make a small series of faux taxidermy hangings. Some people have called them creepy cute, but they’re all really sweet once you get to know them.

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When the Little Prince and fox tamed each other…

The little fox with my fingers for size

The Boy & his Velveteen Rabbit, with the Skin Horse looking on

Ponyo and her favourite snack

A teensy weensy giraffe

A tiny little mermaid…

said mermaid “floating”

Bubbles, the french bulldog who enjoys reading comics

Vivien, the curious baby giraffe

Otis, king of the lemurs

Olivia, the always fashionable tapir

Piper, the sleepy mongoose who loves berets

Kevin, the bear who aspires to be a professional competitor in the sport of bear stacks

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