I started creating mosaic on stone for my garden as a way to do smaller pieces and take a break from the larger mosaic art I create. I had no idea they would become such an important part of my journey as an artist. I so enjoy creating these pieces and I think it shows. I teach classes locally in Huntington Beach, CA where I live and was asked recently to make a DIY video for people who can not travel to take my class. With the help of “Mosaic Arts Online”, a wonderful company with a growing collection of Mosaic Art Instructional videos of different techniques by top mosaic artists from around the world, I was able to put together a very easy to understand video guide for creating your own mosaic on stone at home. I am thrilled to see so many people interested in learning this fun technique and it has been inspiring to see what they create.



More info: mosaicartsonline.com

Before and after grout. Amazing difference!