On a random afternoon, in a Hollywood bakery, I spotted SNL legend Chris Kattan having a little car trouble, as he seemed to have locked himself out. Long story short, after I broke into his car, he asked how he could repay the favor. I explained that I was a professional, high-concept commercial photographer and launched the notion of doing a shoot collaboration of his choosing. After seeing some of my black and white work, he fell in love with the idea of doing a tribute shoot to his comedic inspiration, Buster Keaton. I was entranced with the concept despite it being challenging, because trying to replicate vintage and classically renowned work has to be done in a certain way to be respectful to the original artist while still maintaining one’s own style and taste, but I was more than up to it.

After picking our shots, I am thoroughly satisfied with our comedic, yet beautifully elegant, mini series “Buster Keaton Re-envisioned”.

PS: The originals were all in black and white, of course, but I couldn’t in good conscience leave out the colored versions. The side by side comparisons of the original Buster Keaton scenes that were being emulated are shown as well.



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Here are the side by side comparisons of the images we were emulating.