I’m a photographer and an old soul. I always wanted to take photos of people and animals, like wolves, owls and other cool creatures of the wild.

But a vision is hard to achieve and we have to adapt to what we have in that particular moment. That is when we get the best out of ourselves.

In my case, I wanted to change roles and get in front of the camera, so I asked my friend Andreea Tane to come in the park and take some photos of me and a Husky.

I never met the Husky’s owner before, but he was super nice and we became friends.

The dog’s name is Hades, you know why? Because he’s a little devil. I don’t really know how we managed to keep him still for more than one second, he is one of the most energic ones I’ve ever seen.

The clothes I got from Chotronette, which is one of the most creative clothing stores in Romania. The quality of the gowns is incredible… as the pictures show it.

Thank you, everybody, for making this possible!

More info: crinapopescu.me

What do you have in your hand, dear?