I made this short film inspired by beautiful moments in my life… good and less happy ones…

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My beautiful friend and I went into the woods and were inspired by the nature surrounding us… It’s amazing just by really gazing around you’ll find so much inspiration…

The “Alienated” look represents my never-ending interest in E.T.’s and UFO’s. The flowerful persona is inspired by my sweet Bonnie, she loved flowers and would be amazed with this… I’m hoping from a far she knows how much she’s still inspiring me…

Photography / Videography / Lighting / Setstyling / editing / Make up and hair by Tom Vandewalle for Bonnie & Clyde Studios. Flowerdress by Izolda Ciurus. Model Chiara Djababoe. Pics Shot with my Nikon 5D. Film made with my Nikon 70D.

Ederlezi: Celebrating the return of springtime



There’s beauty in everything for those who can see past the differences

Watch my interpretation of the return of springtime (Ederlezi)