I had a really old coffee table inherited from previous tenants, it was all covered in spots, dirt and so on… So I decided that I will sand it myself, clean the surface and paint something beautiful where we can sit around with friends, have our meal and have a coffee!

The other case was a friend leaving me the key for his apartment, lots of coffee and all the freedom in the world to renovate his coffee table… And this is how it all started!

My friend’s coffee table, which took me 10 hours to draw

I was using Venice motives and my own imagination. He had dear photos from a trip in Venice on the wall, so I wanted to create something which is relating to the rest of his home.

My own coffee table

The polished table, with epoxy resin. Looks like glass, easy to clean and protects the art FOREVER

Some older design

Why not painting on the sofa as well? I drew inspiring words, encouraging listening, positive thoughts, good and love!

Another design for a table top

My favorite design may be… The coffee monster!

Who doesn’t love Paris!

Finishing the table