I’ve been making street and travel pictures since 2009, always trying to find a style to express my moods and feelings while walking down the street. Lately I decided to try out something new. I combined my passion for bad sketching with my professional photography.

I was born in 1990 in Leningrad, when it was still Soviet Union. I’m only a little bit older than my country – Russia. I graduated from the journalism department of the St. Petersburg State University, the same faculty, where such photographers as Yuri Rost, Ivan Kurtov and Alexander Taran have studied. During my studies I learnt about photography from my teachers in university, but also from my father, who used to have a little photo-editing studio at home when I was young.

The object of my photography – is the city as a living system.

The subject, that I’m trying to show is the beauty of everyday urban life.




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