My name is Upol Aziz Dez Franky. I live in the UK. I am Aerospace Engineer by profession but travelling around the world is my only passion. I have traveled most of the European countries, USA, Canada, South Asia all before I turned 30 years of old.

Here I share some of the pictures I have taken. I have edited those pictures based of mlvch and prisma app. My favorite artist is Van Gogh so most of my favorite pictures are edited into Van Gogh style.

Lake Bled, Slovenia: The castle and the Julian alps

Venice, Italy: Gondola

Dorset, UK: Durdle Door

Dorset Coast, UK: Jurassic coast

The White House, USA

Newyork, USA

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

My Nephew Ameen & Ameen at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Berlin Cathedral, Berlin, Germany

Ruins of Pompeii: Naples, Italy

Niagara falls, from Rainbow Bridge, Canada

Lemon of Capri, Italy

Boats of Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy