Above 40, constantly depressed, facing a mid-life crisis and the onset of awareness. I would say that is a lethal combination. But I love my depression because it brings along creativity.

I use both words and colours for the world I see. A few themes have always been my favourite: waiting, sufism and loneliness. Hope you enjoy what I do.

The walkabout 2 (paint and pastels on paper)

Silent waters (digital)

Autumn in Lahore (dry pastels over paper)

Cordoba (dry pastels on paper)

Prisoner forever (paint over paper)

The dead don’t speak (digital)

The prostitute from Jerusalem (digital)

Waiting (digital)

So near, yet so far (digital)

Waiting for the morning star (dry pastels on paper)

So near, yet so far (paint and pastels on paper)

The walkabout (paint and pastels on paper)

The smoke is going down (dry pastels on paper)

Waiting (dry pastels on paper)